I first discovered my creativity as a child when I would spend every summer on the beaches of San Diego. I found myself always collecting the tiny shells that washed up on the shore and one day I realized that if I strung them together I could create pieces of jewelry that my friends and I could wear.  Little did I know that those moments were really the birth of discovering my creativity,  inspiration and fascination for putting elements and a vision together to create jewelry and leather accessories. Those moments have guided me through my years of creating, studying art in college, to manufacturing for others and ultimately realizing my dream of creating Jesse and Co.

I have always embraced the influence of simplicity and ease from my childhood surroundings and the influence of the mid century modern style from my father, that I naturally find myself incorporating those elements into my designs. They come together as a blend of contemporary style, organic influences and a touch of spirituality, all meant to intermix into your own personal style and add a natural ease to your accessorizing.

My vision for Jesse and Co has always been to stay true to the traditional craftsmanship of jewelry and leather techniques and to handcraft everything in my studio in Southern California. My priority is and always will be to respect our environment and preserve it for our children's future and therefore I always try to use the most environmentally conscious techniques while handcrafting my jewelry and leather styles. I use only the finest materials that are meant to become a part of your collection for years to come.

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my story and I hope you find something that will inspire you in my collection.